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You get 88000 people to your Matrix and with just $15 (500 Tron) you earn $47000 and without recruiting.

Global pool has activated already.
This weekend we go open for all then coming also Asian leaders in and they start to make massive recruiting.

So use my link and you get top support with top earners team + Top priority position💪

Global pool Meaning that we get specific % from all  people from the world who have paid their 500 Tron package, 1000 Tron package etc.. Depending what pool you are qualified.
Example to reach first pool you need to get 5 direct referrals who paid their 1000 Tron package.
But anyway if you have buy 500 Tron package you earn just $47000 and get 88000 buddies in your own Matrix.

Those Global pool money is additional (extra money) like bonus when you have make extra work and get direct referrals with your own link.

☄️Celeritas Smart Contract☄️
💰How the systems works:💰
If you have people who register with your RefLink, you will get paid for that.
- Direct partner
- Partner from you direct partner
- Partner from your partner
So untill level 3

You buy the first slot of 500 Tron ($ 15)
All the people after you, your direct partners and spillovers (from top to bottom, from left to right) you get paid for it untill level 10

If you have 5 direct partner, you will get money from the global world pool

So there are 3 ways to earn money

If you have no direct partner, or you do not want to find partners or any other reason, you still get money due to the spillovers until level 10

The earnings are paid immediatly. From this money you can buy the next slot. And so on and so on untill you have the last slot number 10

‼️First: make sure, you have at least 520 Tron ($ 15) in your Wallet (incl. Transaction fees)‼️

... as soon as you have the link 💡

1) Open your TronWallet
2) Choose DAPP/Browser
3) Enter the sponsor's link in the search field (magnifying glass 🔍).
4) CELERITAS will now open
6) Select Authorize Token Wallet
7) the first slot opens, which you buy, 500 Tron ($ 15)!
    Slot = share / participation

Now your are registered

In your Back Office you will find your RefLink if you scroll down to the end.

Good luck 🍀

💎We are a TEAM and we act as a TEAM💎
Here you will find the RefLink of my Team,
please choose one of them:



Thanks 🙏and Welcome🌈 in our Team👨‍👩‍👧‍👦




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Why Celeritas?

Celeritas is a community based smart contract project.

The team consists of IT specialists, crypto & blockchain
professionals as well as expert mathematicians.

Our goal was to create a smart contract system, that is
100% safe for all partners and offers the highest payout worldwide.


A completely redesigned revolutionary compensation system
with extremely high payouts in real time.

This Smart Contract System is completely tamper proof.

No CEO or Company Official can alter, change or stop any
of the payments to it ́s members.


Due to the unique nature of this smart contract system,
Commissions are paid out in Real Time.

There is No 3rd Party Company, group or
individual that can stop or restrict payouts.

Why Tron (TRX)

Tron is a fully decentralised network that is seen as a new
era for blockchain.

It ́s cryptographic framework allows you to earn profits in
real time with just a minor investment.

It has high transaction speed, capable of handling 2000 transactions
per second clearly making Tron a leading Crypto asset.

Tron utilizes negligible marginal gas fees that allows users
to transact millions in Trx with zero additional investment
using high speed transaction technology.

Your data is safe, secure and solely under your
control by using Tron crypto.

The benefits of this unique system are:

-Payments are made in Real Time without delay

-Completely anonymous transactions

-No Third party involvement

-100% Fraud & Scam free

Celeritas Tron Smart Contract presentation and webinar 12/22/2020

celeritas programs


Getting started
Celeritas smart contract
understanding cel-3

Celeritas is unique because you always receive commissions
from your direct partners regardless of the package you
purchased for yourself.

Through your activity, you have the chance to qualify for the
Auto Global Pool where you as a partner can have a share in 10
different Pools of up to 10% of total Global Sales.

UNDERSTANDING CEL-10 (3x10) Matrix

understanding cel-10 (3x10) matrix

OVER 88.000 Partners
In addition, the CEL-10 program offers you commissions from
over 88.000 Partners. 100% of the amount in this pool will be
distributed equally in every level up to 10 levels of a 3x10 Matrix.

This unique combination makes Celeritas the most lucrative
smart contract system worldwide.

you have over 88.000 partners for helping you


Once the matrix is finished and the first step of 500 TRX or 15 USD will earn you approx. 1,77 Million TRX approximately 47.848 USD

You can earn up to 153.97 Million TRX or approx. 4.161.963 USD with just the first 6
packages out of 10. Imagine the income potential for you with higher packages.

earning potential of cel-10 slots

In our Auto Global Pool you have the opportunity to act as a Sharholder.
There are 10 different Auto Gobal Pools, in each pool,
1% will be diveded amongst the shareholders of the pool.

auto global pool


The Auto Global Pool works as follows:

To enter the first pool and participate in it, you have to purchase the
1000 Trx package for yourself and sponsor 5 direct partners who have
purchased the minimum 500 Trx package.

To enter into the next pools you must purchase the next higher package
and 3 of your direct partners have entered into the previous Auto Global

For example:
You purchase the 50.000 Trx package and then you have 3 direct
partners who have qualified for the 20K Trx Auto Global Pool.


The Celeritas Payout Plan guarantees you a stable and
long lasting income.

It is the only platform where you can earn up to 10 times
of your initial investment.

If you want to increase your investment further,
it is recommended that you purchase the next higher package.

You will only get the full commission if you have purchased an
equivalent or higher package than your downline.


If you consistently increase to the next higher level
in the Auto Global Pool, you will reach, step by step,
to the highest payouts in the Celeritas Plan.

Support your direct partners in reaching the next Auto Global Pool level.

With this strategy you will work your way to the top in the
Celeritas Payout Plan.



Tron wallets supporting Celeritas

How to buy TRON (TRX)

How to convert TRON (TRX)


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