Business Areas: Energy, Health, Blockchain, Sports, Real Estate, FinTech, Tourism, Commerce, Entertainment, Technology and Internet.

Including: Unicorn Network (Video presentation click here). SafeZone (Login/Back office). TwnklChain (Blockchain). Your Everyday Money. YEM. Pernum (Wallet and Pernum messenger). Uac Holding GmbH. Twnkl Estate. TEC. TwnklShop. TSHC. TwnklCars. TMC. International Vacation Club. TVC. We Share Success. Prizemania. Unicorn Cities. Solario (Solar Energy Revolutions). SOLR.

Check rest in your SafeZone Back office.

Available commissions and Bonuses: Commissions and family Bonuses up to 5 generations.

Withdraw with YEM's and USD and Selling your coins via official Exchange.

Your SafeZone Pass includes a unique PerNum, a personal number that protects your privacy. Instead of sharing your name, your email address, your phone number, or even your credit card details, you simply share your PerNum, while your personal data is safe on our military-grade encrypted and protected SafeZone servers.

Now, when you for example subscribe for a newsletter, instead of your email address, you enter your PerNum. The website delivers the newsletter through our servers without knowing who you are.


As a SafeZone member, you are automatically qualified to receive valuable rewards for your online activity, as well as cash commissions and bonuses for inviting other users to join the SafeZone. Thus, you can build a passive residual income with literally no effort.


The Rainbow Currency is the exclusive digital currency for the SafeZone. It is backed by company shares, strictly limited, and irrevocably connected to our strong SafeZone economy. Pay for products and services with maximum privacy and security.
Your Everyday Money = YEM.

Register process to SafeZone, when you start doing your registering, there is video clip how you do that and if you need INVITATION CODE, Write 1000040474
Once you have successfully joined through
THIS LINK, you will receive a 20 YEM welcome bonus to your Pernum wallet and we will contact you via Pernum Messenger.
*Fast start, register through above link, go your SafeZone back office and learn more and see your all options and opportunities at our Unicorn Network.