As many of you may know, we are coming to the end of a 2-year long beta test on our suite of products.

Webtalk, as the world's first all-in-one networking platform with free contact management (virtual Rolodex), and free social content syndication (post to Webtalk and your other social networks at the same time), will soon be ready for it's global debut.

As a result, we are going to be launching our iOS and Android apps this quarter along with our new Rewards app.

Over this past year, we have given away over $250,000 back to our members through our Rewards program, which is a great start.

However, we know we can do much better by simply explaining our Rewards program better, making it more user friendly, and by offering more ways to make money and more ways to get paid.

This is why we are launching a brand new Rewards app that comes with a new website, a brand new back office, and tons of new features including the ability to earn $5 per every new rewards member referral and the ability to get paid using PayPal.

We are also updating the how our ad rewards program works so it pays up to 10% of the actual ad revenue you help generate, and 10% of the ad revenue generated by your referrals. ie. When you invite your contacts they earn 10% and so do you!

Since advertisers pay more to reach certain audiences, you will earn more if these audiences are following you on Webtalk and consuming your content.

Attached you will find a sneak preview of both the upcoming new Webtalk Rewards website as well as the new Rewards Back Office.

We hope you enjoy your exclusive sneak preview as much as we are going to enjoy launching it for all of you to create more success.

So join for Free and Earn for free

PS: The new Rewards app will come with a new referral link so you can directly refer new rewards members. It's not yet working, so use other link options inside your backoffice.

Example link for future:

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