Town Star how to play and earn money

BREAKING NEWS! Can you share a free game? It could be the most important question you've ever been asked. For the first time ever, your dreams of owning a video arcade or one day thinking you could be rewarded to play and share your favorite video games is now a possibility. Built on blockchain, Gala Games Platform is a new game network that turns playing your favorite games into digital rewards and allows game items to be owned by players - introducing new opportunity for player 2 player gaming. And for contributing to the growth of Gala games through sharing you’ll earn in game items, the GALA digital reward and Bitcoin! Today Daxio entered into agreement with Blockchain Game Partners for their newest game “Town Star” and for all future games coming on this platform. Daxio are happy to invite you to the BETA Launch of this groundbreaking game where you can earn REAL MONEY by simply playing the game. Register for the BETA here: Blockchain Game Partners has a record sitting team consisting of Eric Schiermeyer, ZYNGA Co-Founder, former MySpace CTO and creator of Zynga with games like Farmville, ZyngaPoker, Words with Friends and Mafia Wars to name a few. Mike McCarty founder of Sandbox Games and creator of Farmville2. Mitch Edwards CEO of, CFO of Razer Gaming, Skullcandy, BitTorrent and Chia Networks. To read more about Blockchain Game Partners and what the press is saying: Cointelegraph , Coinspeaker And Venturebeat Blockchain Game Partners is building a blockchain-based infrastructure dubbed Gala to enable games where players own their own content. With Townstar, players can own the items they buy or create. Transactions are secure. Players can transact with each other directly via a marketplace without concern about fraud, a huge concern in the existing secondary markets. And the items in the game have their own scarcity, based on their identifiable uniqueness (based on non-fungible tokens). Players can sell the items for real money. It’s basically gameplay that is similar to FarmVille. You raise crops, harvest them, mix them with other ingredients, sell them, and use the profits to upgrade your farm and buildings. Eventually, you’ll be running a prosperous town. You can be the most productive player if you build more buildings. Each week, there’s a contest among players over who makes the most progress, with the winner getting rare in-game items. You can use the currency in the game to buy buildings. And the developers will be adding upgradable hero characters that will be on the blockchain, available for purchase. And lower-level players will be able to build consumables that they can sell to higher-level players. Inside of the game you will get your own BitCoin and Ethereum Wallet, plus you can buy Crypto and load your wallet with any major Credit Card. Your wallet can be used to send crypto in and out to anyone. Daxio Affiliates will benefit hugely with this platform collaboration and Townstar is an amazing addition to the already strong and highly profitable Daxio Gaming Platform. To start playing Townstar and participating in this groundbreaking gaming experience and the Beta Launch, register via this special invitation link: The coming weeks the game will be fully integrated to the Daxio platform via API’s so you can play seamlessly. This website home page is also other option to make money through gaming industry. Here's how to get started with Town Star Use this link, register and complete your own game wallet. Then click play game and place your city where you want it on the world map and give it a name You find your own invitation/referral link from Social section, click share and you can copy or share your link, invite others and you get 100 GALA credited to your own wallet, when your downline register under you and play game first time. HOW TO PLAY TOWN STAR - TIPS Buy wheat and sugar canes initially, for example, 4 pieces each, grow them, collect them in a silo, for this you need at least one Farm House employee. Focus on getting 2 Windmill as fast as you can, make sugar and flour in them. Windmill includes its own separate employee who retrieves the necessary products from the silo and warehouses that other employees have stored there. Also get a Lumberjack house and wood shed this way you collect trees, and you can also sell them through a trade depot, while collecting money to buy a Windmill. You have to collect 10 pieces of each product so you can sell them through trade depot. Remember that whenever a trade depot leaves transportation to sell goods, you consume one gasoline each time. Once you have raised the money and expanded your business, also get a Water Facility (includes employee) where you will get the Water drum you need for refinery use, you will also need a Wind turbine where you will get batteries, these will need to be collected in the Warehouse. An oil pump must also be purchased. For these industrial products, you need an industry worker who collects the products and delivers them to the warehouse. Employees and certain production facilities spend money every "game day", so costs go up as you expand. A small list of products you can get by selling them: Crude Oil 10 pieces = $500 Water 10 pieces = $500 Water Drum 10 pieces = $500 Salt 10 pieces = $27000 Flour 10 pieces = $40000 Sugarcane 10 pieces = $4000 Wood 10 pieces = $5000 Wheat 10 pieces = $2500 Gasoline 10 pieces = $6500 Petroleum 10 pieces = $500 If you want to start your game period again, go to the world map to destroy your city, make a new city and name it, start playing again with better tactics

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