Register on Miggster

Claim your rewards by clicking the banner in your Crowd1 back office and register your Miggster membership. During the first 5 days – from Oct 10th to Oct 14th – Miggster pre-registration is open for Crowd1 members only. By registering during these first days you will unlock exciting, exclusive rewards! Make sure that you and all Crowd1 members in your team register during MIGGSTER PRE-LAUNCH to unlock the EXTRA exclusive rewards and take part in the amazing Miggster deals! It’s that easy, Let the game begin! You find Miggster registration from your Crowd1 backoffice. If you are not join Crowd1 join via this link

The Miggster invitation video

Direct link to join Miggster coming here at 15th October, 2020

Let the Magic Begin! The powerful Pre-Launch of Miggster, the next revolution in Mobile Gaming, Social Gaming and Esports, have started!

We Will Change Everything! As the first Online Network, Crowd1 give all members worldwide the opportunity to via Miggster build a global organisation in one of the worlds fastest-growing industries!

The New World with You in it Mobile is expected to top TV in terms of daily screen time this year. Many of us will spend that time gaming through Miggster!

Be Ready for the Future The mobile gaming industry is expected to top $100 billion by 2021, achieving a decade of double-digit growth - generating more than 50% of the global games market.

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