How to duplicate your income-The secret has been revealed

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

This website has a formula to get financial independence to join all 4 opportunities links you will find from our landing page You get free info for every opportunity what we offer. Two has opportunity is also Free to start and make money for free 24/7 Two possibilities are those where you pay a small fee to start your own online business even in these opportunities, you can make money through the clock 24/7. How to duplicate your income? You should take all opportunities what we offer to dublicate your income.

So how you do it and how is this formula working?

Important to do this first step so you can connect all people under you, put all your contacts together while making sure you can communicate with everyone and you know how everything is going, you can put your contacts in a way that you know who the person you invited has reached a certain stage in their business and move them to the next group where you share more information example with your managers. First you join Webtalk for Free and enroll your Webtalk profile and make that 100% complete, then you can earn money from Webtalk for Free. Second you start collect all your contacts to join Webtalk under you, gather Friends, Family, Coworkers, Colleagues, Fans, Followers, Customers etc. to join via your own link. You Earn Real Cash rewards for Creating Content, Engagement and Referrals. You get money example if the person you called directly and he or she buys Webtalk services or products.

Watch this under 1 minute video

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Send a contact request to each person you invite and ask them to accept them, follow the people you invite and ask them to follow you, then you can also send them news and updates about your business and do the same thing you’ve done on Facebook, but only more efficiently Even in life, if you want, you can categorize family members, relatives, friends and co-workers separately. You can define what they see, you have different profiles in use for example personal and business profile are separate. You can create own groups and add your contacts on specific group example Smartphone business group, OnPassive Group, hobby group etc and send messages/news/updates to specific groups only. Webtalk have additional package if you want to upgrade your free account for those those paying features feel free and do it if you want, you just get more benefits/features with those upgrades. Our Smartphone business we sell education packages and we make money with gaming, gambling and entertainment business. First Check video clip here Second Register via this link and check your back office there is a lot of info available and paid your starting package with available payment options and afer you have paid start inviting others to join under you, before or after that step ask them to join also your Webtalk so you and them have easy way to communicate between you and your downline.

OnPassive business is launching later this year and before this launch you have still time to become a founder with this special link, when OnPassive launch you get Automated Business Process, Automated Fresh Recruitments and Automated Unique Traffic. So right now you don't get a lot of benefits, until they launch, and they will do that so then you get A breakthrough self-driven business opportunity with the best income matrix for maximum residual income through massively virally created spillover. You register via this link and want to become a founder, paid your package and you get access to your back office and learn, there is example own community and over 100 recorder webinars plus more. Afer you have paid, get access to your back office and you have own link start inviting others to join under you, before or after that step ask them to join also your Webtalk so you and them have easy way to communicate between you and your downline. Then last option is join our SafeZone / Unicorn Network for Free via this link.

Register process to SafeZone, when you start doing your registering, there is also video clip how you do that and if you need INVITATION CODE, Write 1000040474

After completing your registering process, you get your free 20 YEM to your Pernum wallet, You get your own link and you can start invite others to join your downline and when those people buying specific products and services you get Commissions and Family Bonuses up to 5 generations.

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Check your SafeZone back office you see your all options there. Before or after that step ask them to join also your Webtalk so you and them have easy way to communicate between you and your downline.

if you don't have yet money to join all opportunities, you can collect cash rewards from Webtalk for Free, so when you have start your Free Webtalk business you have always option to get money from Webtalk and make withdraw and use those money to invest other paid opportunities, but you have to make an effort to get the money. Learn this formula and ask others to follow this formula and tell others to teach this formula forward, and by following this formula you will get results when you see a little effort. You’ll see how easy it is as long as you start first, getting started is the hardest challenge you have to overcome first. Remember that you will receive free information, news, updates and support through us if you have used the invitation links found on this site. On our website you will also find our Whatsapp group and we will keep in touch with everyone who is related to the opportunities offered through us.

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