MIGGSTER is a mobile platform that uses eSports tournament platform technology with new features and games.

The platform will allow mobile gamers to turn hours of entertainment into prizes and rewards. Players will get the chance to win prizes of over US$500,000 (around A$700,000).

"The value proposition is that subscribers can enter into tournaments involving their favourite mobile social games, using their leisure time to earn rewards and win prizes," the company explained.

This is the first platform Emerge Gaming is launching in its MIGGSTER community, which it plans to make available worldwide.

MIGGSTER will charge a US$8.50 (approximately A$12) subscription fee per month.

On the market this morning, Emerge is up 53.7 per cent and is trading for 8.3 cents per share at 11:52 am AEDT.

THE Miggster launch LIVE Stream 14/11/2020

  • Mobile gaming company Emerge Gaming (EM1) has seen its MIGGSTER Mobile platform receive three million pre-registrations

  • MIGGSTER is a mobile platform that uses eSports tournament platform technology with new features and games

  • The strong growth in pre-registrations comes after a European marketing affiliate promoted the platform to its network of 12 million affiliate members across 150 countries

  • Emerge Gaming is planning to launch the platform next month

  • On the market this morning, Emerge is up 53.7 per cent and is trading for 8.3 cents per share

Nov 14th 2020

Miggster Launch Super Promotions!

Everyone plays games on their phones. It’s super fun, it does not cost alot so everyone does it. Man and woman, young and old. A subscription to Miggster also offers Crowd1 members the amazing option of a long-term residual income.

Sign-up and chose your subscription!

12 month €69, save €21 (23%) get 1.200 C1 Rewards

6 month €39, save €5,5 (12%) and get 600 C1 Rewards

Sign 3 and get 1 for Free!

When you have registered your first three customers for a 6 or 12 month subscription, you will receive a voucher for a free membership for the same duration.

You can use, give away or sell this voucher – so your own subscription is completely free!

The value of the Voucher is for the lowest subscription duration out of the three. For example, if you refer two annual subscriptions and one semi-annual subscription, you will receive a voucher for a semi-annual subscription.

Register on Miggster for Free

Step 1

Register on Miggster

Claim your rewards by clicking the banner in your back office and register your Miggster membership.


Step 2

Start inviting people

Once registered, an invite link will be sent where you can invite as many people as you wish to Miggster, even if they are not Crowd1 members. The miggster spinner is Live


Step 3

Climb the leaderboard

For every new recruit, you climb to the next level and receive 100 rewards. When you have reached level 5, you have qualified for the chance to win amazing prizes.


It’s that easy, Let the game begin!


You find Miggster registration from your Crowd1 backoffice.


The Miggster invitation video

Join directly to Miggster


You find Miggster registration from your Crowd1 backoffice.

If you are not join Crowd1, join Crowd1 via this link 


We get your email address through registration system and your sponsor contact you. 



Just join Crowd1 paid your package and invite 2 active members to your downline, one on the right and one on left side and say them to do same as you have done.

You find member placement from your backoffice menu >account >settings >member placement


We have Zoom webinars everyday Monday to Friday. 

You get that schedule via your sponsor email. 


Read more about Crowd1


Clarification regarding Miggster Invitational Spinner.


Q: How many Rewards can I get?

A: You get 100 Rewards per accepted invitation to Miggster.


So ie five accepted invitations takes you to Level 5 and gives you 500 Rewards. If you get 10 accepted invitations you get 1000 Rewards and so on


Q: When will I get my Rewards?

A: Your Rewards will be distributed efter 18th of December when all invites are checked and verified.


Q: If I am not a Crowd1 members, what can I do with my Rewards?

A: You can activate your Crowd1 membership with any of our Educational Packages and then take advantage of your Rewards.


Q: Is it any daily or weekly competitions? 

A: No. its one big competition and it lasts until the 18th of December.

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