Epic1Lotto is going live!

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APR. 1, 2020

You better get ready - The countdown has begun!
We are so excited for the worldwide premiere of our latest global and ultimate online networking affiliate partner, Epic1Lotto.

The time has come to start the roll-out of Epic1Lotto, the game-changer in the lotto industry.

We will launch Epic1Lotto in three phases during April, to make absolutely sure that the product is exactly as good and revolutionary as we want it to be.

In the first phase, on April 5, we will let several groups from different parts of the world and with knowledge from the lotto industry try out the site. These groups will be testing the platform the hard way and in realtime.

In the second phase, we will let Crowd1 Leaders and selected member groups test the site, especially from a user experience perspective as well as from an online networking angle.

In the third phase, at the end of April, we will open the gates for all of our members around the world into the most Epic lotto experience ever!

Millions of dollars in cash prizes and internationally renowned betting organisations to play with. We hope you are as ready as we are!

The current global situation has caused delays and shut-downs in multiple industries and countries around the world. However, at Crowd1 we are working around the clock with all launches, including our fantastic Epic1Lotto!

Epic1Lotto’s motto is “Play together. Win together.” Therefore, the launch will happen 4 weeks from now at the end of April 2020. We want to make sure all our amazing members, in countries everywhere, can do just that: Play together and win together!

The launch will be rolled out with a revolutionary and exclusive global ”invitation only” program.

The Crowd1 film production team, together with the company behind the Star Wars original music, have done an amazing job!

Today we launch our first Epic1Lotto commercial trailer.

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